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Silence is so underrated. Many people don't even think about this most of the time. Our lives are filled with silence. Possibly one could argue that we spend most of our lives in silence. And yet, people hate silence. Our minds can't handle silence. We never acknowledge it but silence is more of an emotion than we think it is. If you go around and ask a person what silence means to them, their answers differ. If you ask someone like me, who grew up never experiencing much silence in life, I'd do anything to get away from my place to be in a silent place. I've always sort of been in a noisy environment. A ton of times, I imagined myself going away to someplace and enjoying my company and the silence.

For others, as they say, Silence might be so loud to them. They'd do anything to be away from silence. Silence is more than just a verb or a noun to a lot of people. But many fail to see it in that sense, as we hate awkward pauses during a conversation, or being alone for so long that you hear silence. We need to understand and appreciate the silence in our lives rather than trying to escape it or seek it. Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.

Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers which we seek in our lives.
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