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Updated: Feb 25

A New Beginning in Life.

"Writing isn't like math, two plus two always equals four no matter what mood you're in. With writing the way you feel changes everything and becomes your expression"

Writing is one of the most underrated arts in the World. People don't realize the power of writing in our daily life. Most of the people would understand it, only if they are going through something now, maybe a post comes up in their feed, they relate to it, or maybe they think and come up with their own quotes sometimes and think about it constantly and feel good out of it, in their situation. But when as a whole when it comes to writing, most people ignore writing. People appreciate author, poets, singers, but all of those also has writing in them which play a very important role. Many people need to know and realize that writing is one of the fundamentals behind a lot of our favorite works like books, songs, movies, etc. Well, I just wanted to say this as I'm on the other side of this spectrum, I Love Writing.

Finally starting to write...

I always liked writing and have been a huge fan of this art. And this is one of the predominant reasons why I started this blog. I still haven't thought about what I'm gonna talk about in the blog or what I'm gonna post next or anything of this sort. I just wanted to start a blog, write and put it out there.

The Scariest moment is always just before the start. After that, things only get better. Isn't this the toughest part? Just to get started no matter what. Well, I did this finally and I'm happy doing this. I honestly don't care about the views that I'm gonna get in this blog or while there ever be someone reading this, but I just like doing this and gonna continue doing this periodically. And by the way, if you're still reading this, I much appreciate it, thanks :) Some more about writing

I actually don't find a lot of people who are fond of writing, but I'd encourage each and everyone to try it out. At least journal daily, that makes a good habit too. I journal every day and this blog is almost my journal from now. The process of sitting down and starting to write is really soothing. Try it for a while it'd really change your perspective towards life, and would also bring out many other changes. Write down the thoughts that you get in your shower, write down the random thought that comes to you, who knows maybe it'll help you someday, or maybe even the thought may turn into a revolutionizing idea. Try now, Start today, write down whatever you want, vent, rant, do whatever you feel like, that's fine. So: Write to discover! And: Write to become and grow! It's almost never wrong to write. You heard it here.

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